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BlogOtomotif.com is one of automotive online magazine, focusing on the latest news about the finest vehicle (cars and motorcycles) on the market today under licensed Goblins Media, Inc. BlogOtomotif.com went live in 2013 as a small enthusiast website focusing on car news, motorcycle news, tuning, modification, spy shots, photos and video. Since then, BlogOtomotif has grown to become high and higher as one of the web’s most respected automotive sites, within the industry and among its long-time followers.

We absolutely love what we do and have some really cool people on board with us. You can find out about our teams below.

Jasdeep Dahiya

[Executive Publisher]email: jasdeep@blogotomotif.xyz


My name is Jasdeep Dahiya, I’m the so called ‘Executive Publisher’ of this blog. BlogOtomotif.com commenced as a place where myself and the other two blokes could talk about cars and bikes that we see around us, after being succumbed to their looks and sounds, way back when we were kids. Little description about me is the people who work everyday on BlogOtomotif.com.

Siti Qoir

[News Editor]email: sitiqoir@blogotomotif.xyz

Sri Sugiarti

My name is Sri Ikshula and needless to say, although I am a woman! I’ll argue with you to prove that I’m the biggest automobile enthusiast! My affair with four wheels began way back, about 5 years ago when I was living in UK and now I live in Indonesia. Ever since then, I can relate all my ‘important life firsts’ to cars. Stay tuned to BlogOtomotif.com for knows what am I doing right now!

Gurlal Dhillon

[Drive Specialist]email: gurlal@blogotomotif.xyz


A software engineer by qualification, and a motorcyclist and photographer by passion, Gurlal Dhillon is one vibrant personality who makes friends wherever he goes. His passion for automobiles can be gauged by the fact that he has ridden more than 3.500 kilometers on two wheels, has owned 8 bikes and 2 cars. Just Wow!

Jaskeet Singh

[Staff Writer]email: jaskeet@blogotomotif.xyz


He is a speed freak, and is a part of most of the motorsports events occurring in the country. He has participated in the Desert Storm and Raid-de-Himalayas rallies. He has also volunteered at the Buddh International Circuit as an Intervention Officer during the first ever Indian F1 Grand Prix. But, he is a biker at heart, and is happiest on a winding road, on a good motorcycle.

Karan Sharma

[Intern]email: karan@blogotomotif.xyz


A car lover and an avid cyclist to start with, till the day he accidentally kick started his friend’s Splendor and rolled a few metres in first gear. That actually was the start of his biking journey and the wheels started rolling when he bought his first motorcycle – a Kawasaki Ninja 250 R, later graduating from university and then at present a Honda CBR250R. Keep safe driving!

Ellieta Avinasharie

[Contributor]email: ellieta@blogotomotif.xyz


Ellieta Avinasharie is a hardcore petrol head who currently works as Executive Editor, Automan magazine in Yaman and has been in the Middle East since 1998. Ellieta acknowledges that the countless hours spent with mechanics during college days, interest in photography, writing and travel eventually paid off as a full-time career option since 1991.

Avi Kaur

[Contributor]email: avi@blogotomotif.xyz


I’m is an automobile enthusiast hailing from Visakhapatnam. The zeal for automobiles drove him to take Mechanical Engineering for his bachelors. Currently he is working in the automotive segment. Apart from that, my hobbies include playing the guitar and singing songs. I also gave stage shows during his B.Tech days!

Ravi Dhaula

[Photographer]email: ravi@blogotomotif.xyz


Ravi Dhaula is a petrolhead since childhood and a passionate photographer. He dreams of owning a BMW 530d M-Sport and a Lamborghini Aventador, both cars offering a tremendous outburst of speed and handling. But, his current ride is a humble Chevrolet Spark. Parth also likes taking part in motorsport activities such as the Maruti Autocross, etc. He’s gamers addict, he can be found playing on his Playstation when he’s not writing about cars.

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